The leader of The Black Hammer Cult, Lord Confessor Angvoth is a necromancer of considerable skill. Cunning and incredibly powerful, he’s spent the last several years building an army beneath the streets of the city, forming a cult built around worship of The Nox. His ultimate goal is to return The Nox to the world under his control; in essence, to become the new Entity. He’s already completed the first stage of the plan – he’s in the process of phase two.


Raise Dead:

Angvoth summons a wave of undead cultists to his aid.

Vorpal Push:

Angvoth mystically pulls you towards himself.

Blighted Fireball:

Angvoth casts a purple fireball which both damages you and gives you a minor wither effect.


Angvoth's miasma grows stronger and stronger the longer you battle him. It deals constant damage, but early on it isnt noticable. If you stay for 10-15 mintues, it will grow stronger and deal horrific damage.

Imbue Rot:

Angvoth's attacks will blight you slightly when he hits.

Howl of the Dead:

When Angvoth's health bar depletes, he will let out a howl and transform into a Golem, gaining a new and full health bar.


Transformed Angvoth will leap into the air and come crashing down, dealing heavy damage to both himself, and the players.