A former general in Constantinople's army, no one knows what it was that caused the once-honorable Dugan to abandon his post and turn against the people he once swore to protect. Whatever it was that changed him, barely a shred of his former self remains. He has since become a vicious, ruthless bandit, extending an iron grip over the region of Harvest Fields.


Axe Spin:

Bandit King damages and slows anyone in a short circular AOE around himself.

Axe Pull:

Bandit King pulls and slows anyone in short circular AOE around himself.

Ground Smash:

Bandit King becomes stunned while he raises his axe and after three seconds he does damage, slows, weakens, and knocks up players in a circular AOE around himself.

Roaring Charge:

Bandit King leaps into the air and gains a speed buff. He also nauseates any player near him.


Bandit King throws and damage players in a circular radius around himself.

Looking for Prey/Marking for Death:

Bandit King looks for a target to execute. After a few seconds he marks a player for death slowing and blind them. He begins to count down to use Guillotine and the only way to cancel it is to hit him 6 times.


Bandit King jumps into the air and instantly kills the player he had marked.