Hardest Boss in Harvest Fields



Tilan sends out a circular AOE towards the targeted player. It will attempt to follow the player's position before exploding.

Summon Guards:

Tilan summons four guards to fight.


Once Tilan casts Inexorable any damage he receives will heal him set amount of health per hit. After a bit he will explode in a circular AOE around himself.

The Great Divide:

Tilan shoots out a linear explosion at the targeted player. This skill also knocks up any players caught in the explosion.

Unleash Hell:

Tilan starts running around the arena with a large AOE surrounding him. He attempts to follow the targeted player.

Gripping Fear:

Tilan applies a slow to all the players in the arena. In addition, he will jump in the air and slam the ground doing a circular AOE damage and slowing anyone hit.


Tilan spawns three rings in the arena. The rings explode shortly after cast with a second between each ring and knocks up any players hit by the explosion.

Excessive Force:

Tilan rains down explosive shots that slow the player upon impact. Typically, the shots go after the targeted player.


Tilan spawns in a cone shaped indicator. After a few seconds the cone of explosions start rotating around Tilan in both directions, damaging and knocking up any players caught in the explosion.


Tilan instakills any players in the arena after around 10-15 minutes if he is not killed in time.